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Statement of Fees

While we work for our clients in order to protect what they value, the vast majority of our compensation comes directly from the insurance companies we represent in return for the placement of quality business.

Due to the additional time & costs presented by the activities listed below, the following client fees are assessed:

  • Late Payment: *$5
  • Policy Rewrite after Cancellation for Non-Payment: $25
  • Returned Check: $30
  • Notary Public Services per signature: $2(waived for clients)
  • Past Due on Agency Billed Premium: 1.5% per month
  • Broker Placed Policies: $100. More if the time required dictates & arranged by prior agreement

Note: Payments made in the agency may be processed electronically to expedite acceptance by your insurance company. Your use of our assistance constitutes authorization to do so.

* There is no “grace period” for insurance payments. Your insurance company may or may not accept payment after the due date. If the company elects not to accept your late payment, all unused premiums will be returned to you. By requesting our assistance with helping you make payment after the due date you agree that we are not responsible for lapses in coverage, policy cancellations, or unpaid claims resulting from our attempts to assist you.

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