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Flood Claim Tips

As our region continues to undergo some of the worst flooding we’ve seen in years we thought we’d provide these important flood claim tips for the benefit of our policyholders:

  • Call your Yennie & Jones agent as soon as you realize you will need to submit a claim
  • Check for structural damage before entering
  • Don’t dry anything that will have to be removed (carpet, drywall, insulation)
  • Take photos, save all receipts and track your time spent cleaning.
  • Make a list of damaged personal property
  • If property is removed (contents, drywall, carpet, carpet pad), keep it on the premises until released by a claims adjuster
  • We have included the Flood Claims Handbook to assist you in answering questions.

If you haven’t reviewed your insurance protection recently this is a good time to make sure that you have adequate coverage.  Remember that your homeowners or business owners policies do not cover ‘flood’ and a separate policy must be in place.

These flood claims tips also apply to some other water situations including:

  • Water backup or sump pump failure which may be covered if you have elected to include it on your home or business policy
  • Burst pipe claims which are covered on most property policies for occupied, heated structures
  • Groundwater runoff entering the premises which is caused by landscaping issues

National Insurance Awareness Day

June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day.

Unfortunately, many of us take insurance protection for granted, but other than family and friends…who’s with you on the worst day of your life?  Often, it’s your insurance professional.

Depending on the protection you’ve elected your insurance professional will be there to:

  • Repair or replace a vehicle damaged in an accident
  • Pay those hospital bills or give a loved one the opportunity to seek the best treatment available
  • Replace your income after a disability
  • Keep your family in their home after an untimely death
  • Replace your home and personal possessions in the event of a devastating fire
  • Make up for the money lost to drought on your farm
  • Give you the money to pay for an injured employee’s medical bills and lost wages after an on the job injury
  • Provide you legal defense if you’re the target of a frivolous lawsuit
  • Replace your business’ inventory after a theft, fire or tornado.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce U.S. insurance companies paid out nearly $48 Billion in losses related to the 54 catastrophic (hurricanes, tornados, major inland storm systems, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, etc.) events in 2012 & 2013.  Take a moment right now to think about how your life would be impacted by a catastrophe such as these with and without insurance protection coverage…how about just an everyday injury, accident or electrical fire…

Don’t take your insurance protection for granted develop a good working relationship with your agent and review your insurance protection plan with him or her regularly.  Happy National Insurance Awareness Day.

Computer Travel Tips

Whether we’re traveling for business or pleasure, most of us can’t dream of taking a trip without our computer or tablet. How else would we check our email, prepare for our business meeting or see what our friends are up to on Facebook? Follow these tips to make sure your device is safe while flying:

  • Place your laptop in a separate bin when going through airport security. This is required by the TSA, but will also save your laptop or device from being damaged by other items.
  • Charge, charge, charge. Make sure you have a full battery before taking off. You never know when you’ll find an electrical outlet next. If your computer can accommodate a spare battery, be sure to have one with you.
  • Keep an eye on them. Electronics are often stolen. If you leave your seat to walk around or use the lavatory, be sure put your laptop or tablet in a protective case and place it inside your briefcase. It is much less likely to be stolen if it is packed away.
  • Ask about on-board use. Each airline has different rules about using your device in-flight. Make sure to ask a flight attendant before taking out your laptop and hitting that power button.
  • Your laptop does not count as your carry-on item. According to the TSA, a laptop, even if it is in a laptop bag, does not count as a flyer’s carry-on item.

Additionally, don’t forget to check out Yennie & Jones’ travel insurance protection options before you leave home.  We offer a number of options including:

We can even offer Kidnap & Ransom Insurance in certain circumstances.

Call us at 816-540-2114 or look at our Travel Insurance Protection Webpage for more information.

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